Pride, our Enemy!

Pride is a very destructive wedge our enemy uses in breaking down the Assembly of God. It eats at the mortar between the “Living Stones” of the church, the building of which the Lord Himself is the chief cornerstone. Pride exhibited among brethren produces bitter tastes, judgmental reactions, and misdirects our attention away from the Lord.

But pride breaks down our own lives as well. We feel a false sense of our importance. Perhaps we believe that Lord can only work through us. We look for ‘clues’ to failure in our brethren so that we can put them down while we stick our thumbs in our own vests and lean back. See the life of King Uzziah in 2Chro:26:16. His pride led him to take censer in his hand to burn incense which was a priestly duty. Lord stroked Uzziah with leprosy and he was banished from the presence of God and until his death he was not cured.

Pride is mainly an adult problem- and attitude of resting on our laurels, of supposing that we have arrived at maturity, of standing tall before the Lord and saying, “look what all I’ve done!” (James:4:1-12). Young children rarely have this problem. Perhaps that’s why the Lord made it plain that proud, boastful, grasping brethren need to be “converted and become as little children” (Mathew:18:1-2). There is the humility of being teachable; the openness and willingness to enjoy the company of those who are near and dear; the sense of joy, not in one’s own accomplishments, but in the laughter of the family. Laughing or crying, eating or playing, discovering “new” things together all over again- these are the precious times we enjoy with our children.

Looking to be greatest, we always miss our Lord’s instruction. He really says it, “You will not at all enter into the kingdom of Heavens.” It is when we believe that we have become strong that we fall prey to pride. And the Lord tells His disciples in no uncertain terms that pride has no place in His Father’s kingdom. It has nothing to do with the meekness of the Lord Himself or of the new creation into which He has brought us. An attitude of our own importance can certainly scare off, turn off, or brush off the one who is coming in childlike faith, simply believing in the Lord Jesus.


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